Kevin Murphy Shimmer.Shine

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Repariender, glanzgebender Styling-Sprühnebel

Shimmer Shine

Der Finishing-Nebel lässt das Haar wieder glänzen und repariert es gleichzeitig. Licht-Reflexions-Technologie bringt brillanten Glanz ins Haar, ohne ölige Rückstände.


Reparierend; Glanzgebend; Stärkend; Vor oder nach dem Styling auftragen; Paraben- und Sulfatfrei; Feuchtigkeitsspenden.


6 australische Fruchtextrakte, Baobab Samenöl, Bambusextrakt, Immortelle


Revive shine and repair hair with this finishing mist. Treat your hair as it shines with Vitamins A, C and E, Baobab, Immortelle and Bamboo extracts. Light reflective technology from high-end skincare adds a brilliant shine to hair with no oily residue. SHIMMER.SHINE contains treatment ingredients that repair damaged hair driven by essential oils, bioflavonoids and vitamins.

How to use: Spray lightly over hair after styling. Twirl me before use.

Benefits: Repairing, Adds Shine, Strengthening, Paraben free, Antioxidants, Moisturising, Applied pre or post styling

Key Ingredients
Baobab Seed Extract 
Baobab Oil possesses a noteworthy array of vitamins including A, D and E, with Vitamin E being a superior antioxidant that helps fight ageing. Baobab Seed Oil provides moisturizing benefits to the hair while improving elasticity and tone. It also encourages regeneration of hair.

Bamboo Extract
Properties that include anti-irritant activity, antioxidants and the prevention of damage to cell structure while protecting the integrity of the hair’s health. Contains abundant antioxidants and vitamins and is also a rich source of Flavone, Phenolic acid, lactone, and Polyose.

Rich in antioxidants to help stop damage to the hair. Extraordinary healing qualities and great regenerating abilities by stimulating new cell growth.